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Vol. 3, Issue 1 :: February 2008
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Be My FredDear Friend of Fred:

Happy Valentines Day. We hope that you have plenty of Fred's in your life to share this special day with... And we encourage you to apply the principles of The Fred Factor on the job, at home and in your community.

In this issue I provide you 5 easy steps that will help you "Remember to Resemble Fred". As always, we encourage you to turn the Fred's you encounter in ... so we can honor and acknowledge them!

Best Always,


Remember to Resemble Fred

Remembering to make doctor’s appointments, pick up milk on the way home, return those DVDs, and get your oil changed takes up lots of memory. By now, you have probably developed different ways to remember what you are supposed to do.

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Sometimes when we are working on making life changes, remembering is our biggest challenge. It isn’t that we’re not committed to doing something new, better, and more effective. It just takes a lot less energy to do the same things, the same ways we have always done them. It takes an offsetting amount of energy to do something new.

You will see this same phenomenon when you commit to being a Fred. Even if you agree with the Fred Factor philosophy and want to resemble Fred in spirit and behavior, your good intentions will fail if you don’t first remember what to do.

Here are five easy ways to remind yourself to be a Fred:

  1. Stamp it into your memory – literally. Who is the original Fred? My postman. What could be a better reminder than a postage stamp? You could stick a postage stamp to your calendar, your computer, somewhere in your car, even on your bathroom mirror. Each time you see that stamp, you’ll be more aware of your commitment to being a Fred. You’ll be on the lookout for opportunities to serve and to improve what you provide.

  2. Let Fred become music to your ears. Choose a song you like, one that you hear once every day or so, and use it as a reminder. Each time you hear that song, you will think about the Fred opportunities in front of you, the Freds you have seen recently, and how you can be like Fred throughout your day.

  3. Learn from the Freds of history. A great way to make a trigger is to post a quote where you will see and read it often. Over time your mind will be transformed by the ideas. Those quotes will become part how you think and speak. Choose a few quotes from famous people in history that capture the spirit of Fred. Print them out and post them.

  4. Recognize the Freds you encounter each day. Recognizing others for doing the kinds of things you want to do is a terrific way to integrate the ideas into your own life. And taking time to thank and appreciate the Freds around you is itself acting on The Fred Factor philosophy. (A great way to recognize the Freds you encounter is with our Fred Factor Recognition Certificate - signed by Mark & Fred the postman. We offer both a free, downloadable version as well as preprinted, 10 packs available in The Sanborn Store.)

  5. Regularly review. Once a month, make an appointment with yourself to review the principles of The Fred Factor, the book itself and the notes you might have made. One of the reasons we created The Fred Factor Mem-Cards was to make it easy for people to regularly and quickly review its philosophy and principles.

Making any substantial, meaningful change requires diligence, awareness, and a conscious effort. It helps to be periodically reminded of and inspired by Fred, and how simple it is to follow his example. The best way to be a Fred—and help create that spirit and attitude in others—is by first remembering, then doing.

© 2008. Mark Sanborn. All rights reserved. Please contact us if you'd like to reprint this article.

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Fred @ Work

Editors note: Mark received the following report on how CiCi's Pizza is using The Fred Factor to spread Fred to their staff and customers.Thanks CiCi's!

Would You Like a Side of Fred with that Pizza?

Nominate a Fred

Help us acknowledge the Freds that we all encounter on a daily basis whether through work or in our lives outside of work. Please use the nomination form found here to tell us your Fred's story. And please, tell a story not just, "I nominate Joe because he's a great guy," but tell us what actions of Joe's make him a Fred. This kind of information will help us all become more Fred-like by providing us specific ideas and actions that we can model in our own lives. It's a Fred-like activity in and of itself!


It was a pleasure to see you speak in Atlanta as well as getting a chance to speak with you! I wanted to forward this email to you, it is something that we send out to our managers and franchisees once a month. It is what we call our University Library, and this month we are recommending "The Fred Factor." It is an awesome story that relates so well to what we at CiCi's strive to do on a daily basis with each and every guest and team member. I wanted to send this to you so you could see that you have made an impact on our organization.

The CiCi's University Team loves your writing so much that we bought a second copy of the Fred Factor at the seminar, so we could share it with others! I hope you enjoy the email and Thank you for all that you do!

Chris Patterson
Corporate Trainer
CiCi's University

Forwarded by Chris Patterson/cici
To: ... Corp, Franchisee, AllFranchise, PM AllFranchiseStores, AllCorpStores
Subject: The University Library Recommendation...

CiCi's Pizza Logo
Get ready to learn, because this months edition of the CiCi's University Library will definitely open your eyes to delivering service that Exceeds Expectations! The Training Department had the awesome privilege to see this author speak a few weeks ago (and I got to meet him!) and he was incredible. Not only is he a great author and speaker, he is also a fan of CiCi's Pizza! His family eats at CiCi's regularly!

This months recommendation is titled The Fred Factor, by Mark Sanborn. This book is 112 pages full of inspiration and motivation for both work and home. Ask yourselves, "Do you add or take away from the experience of your guests and team mates?" This book will push you to reach your potential and then reach for it again.

We have awesome jobs that allow us all to impact hundreds of people everyday. The question is how are we impacting them? We talk about "Exceeding Expectations" this book will show you how to do just that! As CiCi-ites we have to be extraordinary, and by experiencing "The Fred Factor" you will see how the little things that you do can make a difference in peoples lives. How can you create value for you and the lives you touch on a daily basis? Be a "FRED"! ...

Chris Patterson
Corporate Trainer
CiCi's University

Thanks Chris and thanks CiCi's Pizza for spreading Fred. Keep up the extraordinary work!

Here's an idea to recognize your own Freds; purchase our Fred Factor certificates or, if you don't mind doing the printing yourself, download our fr*ee version online. It can be filled out and printed from within Adobe Acrobat or the Acrobat Reader. While you're recognizing them don't forget to give us a chance to recognize them too!

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Bonus Materials

  • Listen to Mark's interview on The Fred Factor with noted Atlanta Sportscaster, Bob Rathbun. (Listed as Audio Lesson)
  • Recognize the Fred's in your life with our downloadable, and F*ree, Fred Factor Recognition Certificate (PDF). Or, you can purchase high quality, suitable for framing certificates from the Sanborn Store.

Fred Sightings

Some nice Fred 'citings' this month on the web...

  • Thanks to Barry Owen of the active|rain Real Estate Network Blog for selecting The Fred Factor as their book of the month for January. active|rain is a "free online community for real estate professionals" with over 71,000 members. What better way to weather a real estate slump than by being a Fred to your buyers and sellers. We wish you many happy closings!
  • The Office Newb gave us a nice review of The Fred Factor for Christmas. We're glad that we were able to make her holidays a little merrier. By the way her blog is a good read and positioned as A Twenty-Something's Guide to the Corporate Life. Good insight for those just starting careers and those who manage them.

If you see items about Fred or simply see Fred-like 'citings' in your local news, please send them our way. Thanks.